• TDIFan13


    October 16, 2013 by TDIFan13

    I know this is going to sound super corny and lame but we are a group of admins and we need to care about this wiki. How many times has a user just left a message on your wall saying, "______ is a sockpuppet" and "_______ spoiled me" or whatever and you just banned them without even taking a second look at it? We need to step up our game. We all make mistakes but there comes a point where too many mistakes makes the entire team look bad.

    We need to read into things. If a user says, "_______ sockpuppeted" then we need to get the details. We really need evidence that they're a sockpuppet, a confession, anything. NOT a similarity in names. I mistakenly banned Fire thinking he was a sockpuppet of EternalFire and it turned out to be wrong. A user…

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